Back in 1971 Kostas Kotsailidis opened a small jewellery workshop in the center of Athens, Greece. Through devoted work and excellent service, Kostas led the business into a path of fast growth from its early years. But it was his desire for unique craftsmanship and fine design that soon gained him the recognition and respect of his peers. In less than 10 years, Kostas Kotsailidis creations were sold in jewellery stores nationwide.

Spending their childhood in the workshop, watching Kostas Kotsailidis craft his creations, inspired his two sons, Nassos and Stratis, to get involved in the business from an early age. By 1999, Nassos and Stratis were ready to take up the family business and lift it to its ever growing success in the Greek and international markets.

The current creative workforce of GREGIO combines experienced executives with young, creative individuals, with an insatiable appetite for work and intense passion for creation.

Each jewellery, a unique artistic expression. Each collection, a modern proposition, bearing GREGIO’s greek signature.

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